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Second Hand Shares Available

From time to time a current owner wishes to sell his share(s) for whatever reason and usually at a discount rate. Should there be a link beneath this text such a share is available. These shares has all the rights as a normal share.

Number of Shares
Nights Per Year

Consortium Auction

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Marloth park owners and clients

Consortium opportunity.

If you are a regular visitor to Marloth Park and you don't want to invest in a freehold property then this option just might be for you.

By purchasing an accommodation share you will be entitled to the following.

7 Days of occupation per share at any of the units owned by Marloth Park Bookings
Income generated by the property.
You may rent out your week to anyone you wish should you not be able to occupy the week yourself and keep the income. At the current rate of R500 per night you will earn R3500 by renting out your week.


You will be able to use the property for seven days and six nights each year. The days occupied don't have to be consecutive and can be split throughout the year. E.g. Three nights in April and three nights in December at no cost.


The units will be rented to tourist should it not be occupied by one of its occupation share owners. This income generated will form part of the property's income and be divided between the owners on an annual basis. The owners will have the option to claim the income or to apply it to his/her annual levy.
Income from all the units will be added together at the end of the year and divided between the members countering the fact that some units are more popular than others.

The units

Each unit will have no more than 25 members thus allowing 27 weeks open to generate income and to allow members to have more than enough opportunity to visit the units throughout the year.

The consortium currently have two units and although a member purchases a share in a specific unit the members will have access to all units owned by the consortium irrespective of which unit the member owns a share.

All units are fully furnished with linen , cutlery and crockery.


Unit One

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Unit Two

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The property will be managed by Marloth park bookings and owners will have access to the following information via the web site.
· Income generated by the property
· Confirmed and provisional bookings
· Ability to make a booking
· Ability to cancel a booking made
· Personal account
· Income and expense statement of the property.

Each share that entitles the owner to a 7-day occupation period - R16400.

Annual levy- A monthly levy of R118.50 payable annually. (Total R1422.00)

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